Everything you need to know about The Emoji Movie

Here’s the lowdown on Sony’s new animation: The Emoji Movie!

Spoilers may follow.

What’s it about?

The plot revolves around the hidden world of the emojis in your smartphone. From Smiler to Poop, the emojis live in the bustling city of Textopolis, each waiting for their expressionist icon to be selected for use.

An outsider in this city of one-face characters, Gene is an emoji with no filter and so has a multitude of expressions. He just wants to be a normal emoji like everyone else though so, recruiting the aid of Hi-5 and Jailbreak, Gene sets out to find the Code to fix him

However, trouble lies ahead and it’s not long before the fate of all emojis depends on this unlikely trio of heroes.

Essentially: The Lego Wreck-it-Ralph Movie and the Island of Misfit Toys


Who’s in it?

T.J. Miller plays Gene, and it’s James Cordon and Anna Faris lending their voices to Hi-5 and Jailbreak. You may know Miller from his work in Silicon Valley or the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, whilst Cordon and Faris bring more than enough star power from their comedy backgrounds.

Hidden among the supporting cast are a sprinkling of bigger names. Sir Patrick Stewart hits a career-high as Poop, with Cristina Agulera as Akiko Glitter and Sofía Vegara as Flamenca.

To his credit, Sir Patrick claims himself to have had no reservations whatsoever when accepting the part.

Who’s made it?

It’s coming at you from director Tony Leondis, a man who’s track record probably won’t but naysayers to bed. Leondis’ last cinema release was Igor back in 2008, whilst he’s the man behind Kung-Fu Panda short Secrets of the Masters

A Sony Pictures Animation, you’re looking at a film from the studio who brought you Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Smurfs – both are franchise-fodder so there’s no doubt they’ve plans for sequels.


Is it any good?

Who knows? The lack of a press screening is rarely a positive sign and the whole concept hasn’t a whiff of originality about it.

To boot, Sony’s recent marketing tweet, in which the emojis parodied The Handmaid’s Tale (yes, the dystopian enslavement drama), has done the pre-hype no favours.

When’s it out?

The Emoji Movie launches stateside on July 28, spreading to international markets from August 3.

In the UK it’s out a day later on August 4.

If you’re in France, however, you’ll have to wait all the way until October 18 – by which point we’ll know if it’s worth the trip.

Watch the trailer here:


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