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The Predator | Review


If the Predator franchise must run ad infinitum – three dire sequels failed to kill it – subverting the tone to retro romping territory seems as good a way as any to proceed. That’s Shane Black’s approach in this instance. Black’s Predator is gory pulp but suffers from ropey editing and sadistic intent; even humour can’t save that.

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The Children Act | Review


The Children Act is the latest in a long line of Ian McEwan books to be translated into high-minded features and the second to have been adapted by the writer himself. Intensely thought-provoking, if rather arch, it tells the story of a judge who must rule on whether an underage man has the religiously-induced right to reject life-saving treatment.

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The More You Ignore Me | Review


Jo Brand has made a career from pairing downbeat comedic barbs with her earlier experiences in psychiatric nursing. The More You Ignore Me sees Brand adapt her own eponymous novel of 2009 to screen, with the aid debutant feature director Keith English. Though well intentioned and touching in its honesty, the film’s perturbed structure exposes inexperience behind the lens, which is compounded by its unduly upbeat soundtrack.

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