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Peter Rabbit | Review


There’s a lot of hopping in Will Gluck’s Peter Rabbit and, yes, much of it takes place on the grave of Beatrix Potter, from whom the story originates. With its smart visuals, decent gags and – mostly – likeable cast, however, the film will appeal to younger audiences.

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Mom and Dad | Review


How do you know you’re watching a horror film that just wants to have fun? The clues are that it’s cast Nicholas Cage as a possessed papa, has a runtime under ninety minutes and features a Shining tribute that ends with a housekeeper wiping out her daughter off screen with a meat cleaver.

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Wonder Wheel | Review


In Wonder Wheel, Kate Winslet plays an embittered woman who is trapped in an unhappy place and continuously complains of migraines. By the final stages of the film, her plight is one with which it is increasingly easy to empathise.

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Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story | Review


So long as individuals continue to masque fascinating lives behind a facade of persona, providing society hasn’t done this for them, documentaries will continue mine the treasures of history. To the world, Hedy Lamarr might have been a cut-out Hollywood beauty but as Alexandra Dean’s Bombshell reveals, genius lay behind ‘that face’.

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A Fantastic Woman | Review


By default of its plot, Sebastián Lelio’s Chilean Oscar winner, A Fantastic Woman, challenges the mind and engages the heart. It is a dream-like film that sees darkness soaked in light and realism bathed in magic and is utterly compelling.

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7 franchises with unfinished business

With Robert Downey Jr. this week suggesting that a third Sherlock Holmes film is on the horizon – seven years after the release of A Game of Shadows – we decided to investigate the future of five other franchises who recon there’s more to come…at some point.

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FIRST LOOK: Benedict Cumberbatch in The Grinch trailer

Dr Seuss’ Grinch is about to steal Christmas…again!

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