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‘I’m not a toy!’ – watch the new Toy Story 4 trailer

Who saw that coming?! Out of nowhere, Disney dropped their brand new, first-look teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 this morning and it’s all about a fork.

Last seen in 2010’s Toy Story 3, Woody, Buzz and company are due to return to big screens for a fourth outing next Summer but they won’t be alone.

You’ll have to watch the trailer yourself to get a glimpse the new character in action but what we do know is that Toy Story 4 is to tell a story very much separate from the original trilogy.

For one thing, there’s no sign of Andy in the teaser, which you can watch here…

Toy Story 4 has been directed by Inside Out animator Josh Cooley and comes from the imaginations of John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich and scriptwriter Stephany Folsom.

Alongside Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, the film sees Annie Potts return to the role of Bo Peep for the first time since 1999. ‘Veep’ star Tony Hale joins the cast as Forky.

Toy Story 4 is out in the UK on 21 June 2019.

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments!

Outlaw King | Review


True Scotsman and genre maestro David Mackenzie was always going to produce a more measured take on the historic Scottish fight for independence than Mel ‘Braveheart’ Gibson. It comes as no surprise then that Mackenzie’s tale of love and war is as stark as it is occasionally syrupy and much more politically dense than Gibson’s Oscar-winning epic.

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10 mediocre movies people love because of their sensational soundtracks

We were kinder than many when reviewing Bohemian Rhapsody but it would be fair to say that the Queen biopic has been hit by a generally frosty critical reception.

Audiences, however, seem to love the film, leading to hearty takings being raked in across the world.

The way we see it, the critics aren’t wrong about Bohemian Rhapsody‘s faults but it’s no surprise that audiences have responded with a lot more warmth. Here are ten more examples of so-called ‘mediocre movies’ with reception-transforming soundtracks…

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Bohemian Rhapsody | Review


Critics seem to have taken against Bohemian Rhapsody with curious animosity. It’s not the film’s fault per se – directed in hodgepodge by both Bryan Singer and Dexter Fletcher, this is pretty inoffensive entertainment – but because it replaced a potentially more interesting take on the Queen story. When Sacha Baron Cohen was subbed for Rami Malek, in the role of lead singer Freddie Mercury, the project became much safer. If you’re after dramatic depth, you’ll be disappointed; if you’re happy with slightly sanitised fun, this will, indeed, rock you.

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The Hate U Give | Review


Not ten years into her career, Amandla Stenberg boasts a remarkable oeuvre. Having shot to fame in Gary Ross’ inaugural Hunger Games, the young star has already accumulated a string of leading roles, an NAACP nomination and Beyoncé music video appearance. In The Hate U Give, Stenberg offers those unfamiliar with her work a chance to understand her stratospheric rise. This is a powerful performance from a premiere talent. It helps, of course, that the film is terrific.

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