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Chances are as a cinephile you have a feel-good movie in your collection. A film you turn to whenever you have the blues or need to soothe tattered nerves.   They may be guilty pleasure films that critics weep over to this day, or they may be a film masterpiece fitting of a museum.   A feel-good film knows no boundaries and never should.

Everyone has their checklist of what dubs a film as feel-good.  For me, it happens to be a mixture of nostalgia, escapism, humor, memorable characters, and a positive life lesson thrown in for good luck.

For myself, I could list several films that make me feel good. From It’s a Mad Mad Mad World to Zombieland.  However, one film stands way above all others, and that is The Princess Bride (1987). Not only do I think it the finest feel good film out there, it also has the honor of being my favorite movie of all-time.

I grew up watching The Princess Bride with my grandparents, my aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters. We all laughed, cheered, and chuckled throughout this fun-loving movie. Every time I turn it on, it gives me a sense of comfort. A small journey back to the comfortable and familiar time in my youth surrounded by loved ones.  This is only amplified by the framing device in the story where Peter Falk playing a grandfather reading to his grandson played by Fred Savage.  This wholesome series of scenes always allows up to pause and remember not to take things too serious. This is all just fantasy after all.

While we all must face life and the adversaries within it, there is nothing wrong with escaping for a few hours to delight yourself in the realms of another world.  A place filled with unusual creatures, landmarks with personality, and lovable figures you can never forget. The Princess Bride provides all of this and more in a quaint package. This way we escape the world of death and taxes and get enamored in a place filled with dastardly princes, gallant swordsman, along with pirates, giants, and elves.

The humor in The Princess Bride is outstanding. It is something fitting of the 1980’s. The cheesy one-liners that still make you chuckle that have become world renown. “Have fun storming the castle.” Being one of my favorites.  I may enjoy a raunchy comedy now and then, but I also love a movie filled with innuendos, a taste of the absurd, and random silliness.

I find the assortment of characters to be memorable. From Westley, Inigo Montoya, Fezzik,Vizzini, and even the Princess Bride herself (Played by Robin Wright).  Everyone has a favorite character. Mine always was Fezzik who is played by Andre the Giant and not because he was an iconic and most awesome wrestler.  He is this giant character who may be simple-minded, but with a heart filled with courage.

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