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causing a feeling of happiness and well-being

150096150017175It is fair to say that the definition above is the perfect description of what I feel when I watch John Hughes’ classic coming-of-age comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. From the relatable characters, to the insanely-quotable lines, to the great advice, to the beautiful Chicago setting, this 1986 cult flick deserves a spot on my favourite films of all-time list.

Matthew Broderick is the meaning of charismatic as teenage rebel Ferris Bueller with superb acting and an awesome character arc. It’s imperative to have a character that the audience can relate to- and whilst Ferris is a bit sensational and on top of the world, Cameron (with the help of Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane) brings his bestie crashing back to earth. The terrific trio dine at fancy restaurants, joyride across the city and admire modern art during an action-packed day. However, the real feel-good factor arrives when Ferris decides to gatecrash a random carnival, and take centre stage! With The Beatles blissfully blaring, Ferris seduces us, charms us, and compels us to dance with him! The ‘Twist and Shout’ sequence is, quite frankly, awesome. A perfect choice of score, Hughes’ use of colour and choreography is outstanding- it instantly sticks a smile on my face and gets my leg jigging every time. For me, that is feel-good. It successfully provokes the emotion of happiness!

Of course, this one scene isn’t the only aspect of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that has the feel-good factor- the plot itself is a rollercoaster, but is definitely uplifting and inspirational. Of course, it is Ferris that takes centre stage in the storyline, as he cleverly fools his parents, friends and teachers into believing that he is very ill, so he can’t go to school and has to stay home. As soon as his parents leave, he’s talking to us in a unique, iconic way. Narrating the story with his charm and great sense of humour, Ferris looks straight into the camera in a series of clips throughout the film- this keeps the viewers up to date as well as introducing characters. It’s also hilarious.

As I was saying, Ferris persuades his best mate Cameron to join him on a day of adventure and relaxation, takes Cameron’s dad’s impressive red Ferrari, impersonates his girlfriend’s father and gets her out of school before the shenanigans begin. Whilst this is going on, the plot switches back and forth with our villain: Ed Rooney (portrayed by the brilliant Jeffrey Jones). He doesn’t believe Ferris’ alibi for one second, and searches everywhere for the troublemaker. He’s the perfect family-friendly villain. Clumsy and idiotic, Rooney makes Ferris’ achievements even better as his attempts to catch the teen are foiled!

To summarize, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a terrific feel-good flick with hilarious and relatable characters, a great villain and a crazy but rewarding storyline. And to leave you, my favourite film quote from the man himself- Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and stick around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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