Everything you need to know about mother!

Black Swan’s Darren Aronofsky has teamed up with Jennifer Lawrence and the result is looking extremely creepy…

Spoilers may follow.

What’s it about?

Not a great deal is yet known about mother! beyond its cast and crew – which rather seems to be the point for this psychological thriller.

The synopsis tells of a couple whose tranquility is ruptured, and relationship strained, by the arrival of two uninvited guests into their house and lives. It’s all looking a little bit Rosemary’s Baby meets It Comes at Night and very Black Swan.

Of the plot, Aronofsky’s determinately keeping his lips sealed.

‘The best thing about this film will be the surprise of it,” the director told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s an intense journey and it’s definitely the biggest roller coaster in the park. Only get on it if you really want to do the loop-the-loop.’

mother! has the promotional tag: ‘seeing is believing’.


Who’s in it?

In Aronofsky’s words, ‘as soon as you get Jennifer Lawrence, you have a movie!’

Joining the Hunger Games star, Javier Bardem’s jumping ship from the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film to play Lawrence’s husband, whilst Michelle Pfeiffer and Westworld‘s Ed Harris play the ‘intruders’.

It may be (and probably is!) just a coincidence, but do note that, whilst Bardem and Lawrence both have Oscars in the bag, Harris and Pfeiffer have both been three times the bridesmaid and never the bride. Now there’s cause for resentment…

Brothers (and sons of Brendan) Domhnall and Brian Gleeson also star, with roles too for Kristen Wiig and Stefan Simchowitz.


Who’s made it?

mother! is directed, written and produced by Darren Aronofsky – he’s the man responsible for Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan so we can at least expect something tonally distinct.

It’s a busy Autumn for Jóhann Jóhannsson who has scored the film, having already signed on for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. This marks the first time that Clint Mansell hasn’t provided the music for an Aronofsky film. Based on the trailer (see below) the edges of our seat may well need reinforcing.

Regular Aronofsky contributor, Matthew Libatique is in charge of the film’s cinematography. Filmed in Montreal, mother! has been captured in 16mm print and was edited by the Oscar winning talents of Andrew Weisblum.

Incidentally, that poster that’s doing the rounds for the film was based on the sculpture work of Edinburgh-based sculptor Jessica Harrison.


When’s it out?

mother! is due out on September 15 in the UK and US, with a number of countries getting it a day early on September 14 and most other markets receiving the film by the end of the month.

The film is due to screen at both the Toronto and Venice International Film Festivals.

Watch the trailer here:


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