My Friend Dahmer | Review


It’s not his tendency to dissolve animals in acid that makes the pre-notoriety Jeffrey Dahmer a figure of horror in Marc Meyers’ slow burn biopic. Neither is it his penchant for violent outbursts and harrowing fantasies. It is his eyes. The leering orbs of lifelessness that stare out through oversized glasses at a world that does not understand their owner. ‘I’m just like everybody else’ he says.

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The Breadwinner | Review


Angelina Jolie’s new film is a rather under-the-radar affair but may well be the one she is most proud of. Based on the first book in a series by writer Deborah Ellis, The Breadwinner comes from Irish director Nora Twomey and the ever-rising Cartoon Saloon studio. They’re the unit behind The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea but have journeyed further afield this time around. Jolie is its executive producer.

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Deadpool 2 | Review


‘From the studio that killed Wolverine’ reads the tag on one of Deadpool 2’s innumerable posters. It’s the one with Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson lounging astride a swan, tickling the sea, ahead of a big old explosion. This sequel may follow Infinity War in 2018’s superhero release schedule but it’s a very different, in some ways welcome, beast.

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Could *THIS* be the next Greatest Showman?

Talk to the wrong people and they’ll tell you that La La Land saved the musical, reviving the genre from the distant past. Like we said, wrong.

However, with Beauty and the Beast taking $1bn at the international box office and The Greatest Showman newly out on DVD – whilst STILL in cinemas – it’s undeniable that musicals are very much in vogue at the moment.

With film studios clamouring to find the next hit sing-a-long, we’ve rounded up five musicals heading your way before the year’s out. Could one of them be the next Greatest Showman

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The Cured | Review


Those familiar with Dominic Mitchell’s BBC TV series In the Flesh may encounter a touch of déjà vu while watching The Cured. It’s more than just the matching premise – cured ‘zombies’ being reintegrated into a society unwilling to forget their mindless misdoings – it’s in the kitchen sink quality, the politics, the gloomy tone and saturated aesthetic. There’s even overlap in homoerotic subtexts. A first feature by writer-director David Freyne, The Cured has a broader scope but mixed results by virtue of it.

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