Bros | Review


Bros is the first mainstream Hollywood romcom to feature a gay couple in the leading roles. Even seeing it written down strikes an off note. An urge to contradict bubbles to the surface. But what about…? And yet, it’s true. A fumble through the classics may find a dozen gay best friends, each one more cliched than the last, but the finale is always the same. They all lived heterosexually ever after. Not so here. While the weight of expectation and historical significance do at times bear a heavy burden on Bros, it’s a winning starting shot for a much queerer future of funny at the multiplex.

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Pray for the Devil | Review


Through all the terrors of the past two years, it’s hard to believe that the horror film has proven the most enduring genre at the post pandemic box office. Marvel have had more disappointments in the past two years than in the preceding twelve combined. All the while, the likes of Candyman, Old and Smile have proven consistent and bankable hits. Pray for the Devil is exactly of their ilk. It is, put simply, a creaky and unholy preposterous, Exorcist lite pretender. One that boasts box ticking attributes. Attractive young leads, psychological plot notes and an appealingly frugal runtime. It’s all there. To boot, the ending begs for the birth of a franchise.

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Lyle Lyle Crocodile | Review


The hunt for the new Paddington is rife in Hollywood. Ever since the Paul King helmed franchise hit the big time, studio chiefs have had marmalade-sticky fingers all over the classics of kids lit. While 2021 saw Clifford the Big Red Dog bound off Norman Bridwell’s original pages, this year brings Lyle Lyle Crocodile, an adaptation of Bernard Waber’s 1962 favourite: ‘The House on East 88th Street’, and its eponymous sequel. With music from Greatest Showman maestros Pasek and Paul, Lyle has show-stopping high notes to combat a general lack of bite.

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