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Never Here | Review


Performance artist and short film writer-director Camille Thoman veers into feature production with Never Here, a viscerally absorbing exercise in cinematic disturbia. An arch descendant of Hitchcock, the film, which is often unbearable to watch, demands the unwavering attention of audiences. If Thoman’s drifting approach frustrates, it does so with relish.

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The Rider | Review


Much of the power within Chloé Zhao’s sophomore feature, which sees her return to Songs My Brothers Taught Me’s Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, evolves from the Chinese-American director’s exquisite blending of drama with documentary. Honest and engaged performances are teased from non-actors with real investment in the story to achieve remarkable stoicism.

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The House With a Clock in Its Walls | Review


Eli Roth’s family feature debut has a disappointingly clockwork constitution. The director is best known for gristly horror and certainly brings startling images to the 12A genre; just no sense of distinction. It’s a fun enough ride but with this plot, these characters and this house? It’s all a bit vanilla.

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The Predator | Review


If the Predator franchise must run ad infinitum – three dire sequels failed to kill it – subverting the tone to retro romping territory seems as good a way as any to proceed. That’s Shane Black’s approach in this instance. Black’s Predator is gory pulp but suffers from ropey editing and sadistic intent; even humour can’t save that.

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