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Incredibles 2 | Review


Pixar are in danger of seriously dating their early work. Remember when Toy Story was a digital novelty? Incredibles 2 witnesses the animation studio reach new heights, combining photorealism with a fabulous vintage-futurist aesthetic. It’s also a terrific yarn.

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Skyscraper | Review


Dwayne Johnson’s career reaches new heights in his latest popcorn-munching movie. Literally so, for Skyscraper dumps the insanely charismatic star hundreds of miles above terra firma for a disaster epic that recalls The Towering Inferno, Die Hard and Mission Impossible. Eat your heart out Ethan, Johnson does everything you can do with only one leg.

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SkipAdvisor | Cinema’s spookiest houses and why you won’t want to visit

To celebrate the release of The Secret of Marrowbone – a brand new spook-fest for fans of haunted house cinema – we’ve rounded up thirteen of the most horrible buildings in film history.

We’ve given each house a review, factoring in local amenities. We also offer a SkipAdvisor rating – the higher the number the spookier the house.

Take a look at our list and let us know what you think is missing in the comments!

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Leave No Trace | Review


Leave No Trace comes from the pen of Debra Granik and her regular writing partner Anne Rosellini, marking a second literary adaptation for the pair after Winter’s Bone. If that film helped launch the career of Jennifer Lawrence back in 2010, expect great things too from young New Zealander Thomasin McKenzie. Along with a terrific Ben Foster, McKenzie is the beating heart of Leave No Trace, a quietly spectacular story of survival and unspoken mental destruction.

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