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Blue Iguana | Review


Hadi Hajaig defines his style as ‘genre with something else’. In the case of Blue Iguana, that something else is immaturity, sexism and a shed load of unconvincing fake blood. This belongs in that avenue of cinema that considers a splutter of ‘you repulsive testicle’ at the end of a sentence enough to make a joke.

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The Wife | Review


A character as complex, perhaps even contrived, as Joan Castleman must inspire discussion and disagreement. One thing all should agree is that, in Björn Runge’s big screen adaptation of The Wife, she has been brought to breathtaking life by a career-best Glenn Close. Of course, it helps that the tale is compelling and the director assured but there’s no denying that this is an acting masterclass.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp | Review


Peyton Reed’s jovial sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man comes via a much less complicated production background than its predecessor. Fewer re-writes and disagreements behind the scenes and a director present from conception to release. In the wake of the behemothically over-stuffed Infinity War, it’s a much needed breather.

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Never Here | Review


Performance artist and short film writer-director Camille Thoman veers into feature production with Never Here, a viscerally absorbing exercise in cinematic disturbia. An arch descendant of Hitchcock, the film, which is often unbearable to watch, demands the unwavering attention of audiences. If Thoman’s drifting approach frustrates, it does so with relish.

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