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Robin Hood | Review

Flynn, Costner and now Egerton, Robin’s hood is a threadbare thing these days. Over a century since cinema first told the story of the Nottingham based vigilante and his merry men, it really was about time the well worn formula was gifted a shake up. Just…not like this.

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The Christmas Chronicles | Review


There’s no denying Kurt Russell’s credentials as cinema’s coolest Santa. Whereas Richard Attenborough gave the legend a twinkle and Tim Allen made him an everyman, Russell offers a wry, Elvis impersonating twist. It’s a bummer, then, that the film around him is so bloomin’ lame.

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Nativity Rocks | Review


How on Earth does a critic review Nativity Rocks? It’s a film that is, by all conventional measures of criticism, an utter shambles. A film that defies logic, lacks structure and frequently frustrates. And yet, this is also a film that made an audience of under tens laugh, cry and vigorously applaud. As one boy came out he turned to his friend and asked: ‘what would you give that out of ten?’ The friend replied: ‘two hundred and ten’ and who am I to disagree?

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J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World | The Complete Film Ranking

Now sprawling into two film franchises, the Wizarding World has amassed an impressive ten films and stonking box office record.

With the latest entry currently in cinemas, it’s time for a ranking! Let us know if you agree in the comments.

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Bros: After the Screaming Stops |Review


Before Liam and Noel came Matt and Luke. Identical twins, the Goss brothers comprised two thirds of Bros, a pop group fleetingly considered one of the biggest in the world. In Joe Pearlman and David Souter’s oddly hilarious but very much genuine documentary, charting Bros’ thirtieth anniversary reunion last year, the pair are best friends and worst enemies. As Matt – or maybe Luke? –  puts it: ‘He was a rectangle and I was a rectangle and we made a square’. This is entertainment turned up to eleven.

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