Exclusive ON-SET look at The Foreigner

Best-selling writer: Stephen Leather has shared with The Film Blog behind the scenes photos from the set of Martin Campbell’s upcoming film, The Foreigner.

Based on Leather’s 1992 novel, ‘The Chinaman’, the film stars Jackie Chan as a London businessman who is driven to revenge when his teenage daughter is killed through an act of politically-motivated terrorism. Former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan plays Hennessy, a British Government official with a past that might very well hold the key to catching the ones responsible.

A month ahead of its US release, Leather has shared exclusive, behind-the-scenes shots from the film’s set.

The photos feature the writer first with Brosnan, and then with the film’s screen-writer David Marconi.

Check them out…

The Foreigner is set for release on October 13 in the US.


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