Take on the ULTIMATE doggy film quiz!

How well do you know your Hollywood hounds? Put your knowledge to the test with this ultimate dog movie quiz…

When we reviewed Lasse Hallström’s A Dog’s Purpose last year, our dislike of the plot didn’t stop us from going doe-eyed over the film’s vast array of adorable pups.

A Dog's Purpose (Lasse Hallström, 2017)

Thankfully, films like Lady and the Tramp, Umberto D and Amores Perros (not for dog lovers) exist to remind snobby critics that canine films do exist that aren’t heinously saccharine (Marley and Me we’re looking at you and your 22 labradors). There have, however, been so many dog films that it becomes easy to lose track.

Well, here’s your chance to put both your film and canine knowledge to the test with this fun quiz from Protectivity!

Take the quiz here!

Are you top dog or the dog’s dinner? Let us know how you did in the comments!


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