SkipAdvisor | Cinema’s spookiest houses and why you won’t want to visit

To celebrate the release of The Secret of Marrowbone – a brand new spook-fest for fans of haunted house cinema – we’ve rounded up thirteen of the most horrible buildings in film history.

We’ve given each house a review, factoring in local amenities. We also offer a SkipAdvisor rating – the higher the number the spookier the house.

Take a look at our list and let us know what you think is missing in the comments!

1. Eel Marsh House (The Woman in Black)

eel marsh house

This age-old manor house boasts isolation for those seeking solitude. Located near the village of Crythin Gifford, Eel Marsh House is accessible only via the Nine Lives Causeway and only during low tide. The nursery room is ideal for families but parents should be warned that children do have a habit of killing themselves here.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 7/10

2. Allerdale Hall (Crimson Peak)


Holidaymakers ought to seize this location whilst they still can because it won’t be around for long. Allerdale Hall is a dilapidated mansion home, slowly sinking into the red clay mine it’s sat upon. Local amenities are handy, including a Post Office, whilst the owner provides guests with refreshments. You might want to avoid the tea.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 5/10

3. Winchester Mystery House (Winchester)


Delightful Queen Anne style Victorian Mansion, designed on the order of the late Sarah Winchester. This one’s perfect for big groups, boasting over 160 rooms, including 40 bedrooms and 2 ballrooms. Ahead of its time facilities include easy-riser staircases, forced-air heating and modern plumbing. The San Jose location is to die for, which is perhaps why so many people have…

SkipAdvisor Rating: 7/10

4. Hill House (The Haunting)

hill house

The showpiece of Hill House is its breathtaking library, with spiral staircase. Based in Massachusetts, the ninety-year-old former home of the Crain family has a quirky design, with askew angles and doors which open and close by themselves. Hill House’s caretakers, Mr and Mrs Dudley, are more than happy to offer their services but, be warned, they run a mile at night.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 6/10

5. Perron Farmhouse (The Conjuring)


This farmhouse has a lot going for it. Located in the small town of Harrisville, on Rhode Island, the property boasts 200 acres and a spacious cellar. On the other hand, dogs don’t like it, the floorboards aren’t strong and clocks have an unfortunate habit of stopping at 3.07am.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 7/10

6. Grace Stewart’s House (The Others)


If you can get past the undead presence, Grace Stewart’s Jersey-based house might be just what you’re looking for this Summer. Yes, there’s no electricity. Yes, the owner’s migraines have led her to banish telephones, radios and anything else that makes a racket from the house. And yes, she does insist on having the curtains closed at all times to protect her photosensitive children. But it does have a sizeable kitchen.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 5/10

7. The Maitland House (Beetlejuice)


If suburbia is on your wish list, this Connecticut home ticks every box. Situated above a dinky town and surrounded by rolling countryside, the house is only spoilt by the ghosts of the old owners who don’t want to move out and will do anything to scare you off.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 6/10

8. Cuesta Verde (Poltergeist)


On face value, there’s nothing frightening about the Cuesta Verde housing tract. That said, perhaps it would have been wiser not to choose a cemetery as the building site. The houses are fully furnished but the silverware bends easily and the television has a dodgy signal.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 5/10

9. 112 Ocean Avenue (The Amityville Horror)

ocean avenue

112 Ocean Avenue gets a bad wrap for its history. Sure enough, living in the home where Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family won’t suit all but the local Amityville beaches are a plus. On the other hand, the sash windows could do with securing.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 7/10

10. The Carmichael House (The Changeling)


The Carmichael House is being leased out by the local Seattle-based historical society. It’s not exactly accessible but does come with a wheelchair, which may be useful for elderly guests. Doors do slam rather a lot here and it can get a touch drafty.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 6/10

11. Belasco House (The Legend of Hell House)


Known as the ‘mount everest of haunted houses’, Belassco House was once owned by a six foot millionaire pervert/murder. The building comes with a chapel and lead-lined room, perfect for preservation. It does contain skeletons and has been known to provoke erotic fantasy, which may suit honeymooners.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 8/10

12. Overlook Hotel (The Shining)


The Overlook Hotel closes between October and May, due to inhospitable snowy conditions in the Rocky mountains. You’ll want to avoid booking room 237 but the Gold Room has excellent and unmissable bourbon. The Hotel’s a solid twenty-five miles from the nearest town but the kitchen’s well stocked and the maze provides hours of fun.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 9/10

13. 29 Neibolt Street (It)


Derry is a delightful Maine town for tourists. Local amenities include the Barrons, the standpipe, a pharmacy, library and cinema. 29 Neibolt Street needs a lot of renovation and will scare the bejesus out of you every twenty-seven years.

SkipAdvisor Rating: 8/10


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