5 ways the 76th Golden Globes have changed the 2019 Oscar race

It’s the awards show many use to predict the Oscars but never fails to surprise. Yes, the 76th Golden Globes took place in Los Angeles last night and has given the 2019 awards season a shake up that may render it the least predictable in years.

Whilst Rami Malek’s success in the ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama’ category was expected, and Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma justifiably swept up the ‘Foreign Language’ and ‘Best Director’ gongs, much of last night’s action has left film fans reeling.

Without further ado, here are five ways the 76th Golden Globes have changed the 2019 Oscar race…

1. Glenn Close is a hot contender


Back in October, we called Glenn Close’s performance in The Wife ‘breathtaking’ and it seems that the Golden Globe voters agreed. But this wasn’t necessarily the way it was ‘supposed’ to go.

In the lead up to last night’s ceremony, only one name was discussed when it came to ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama’ and that was Lady Gaga for A Star Is Born.

Whilst Olivia Colman the hot pick for Oscar glory – in a category undivided into ‘Drama’ and ‘Comedy or Musical’, Close’s Golden Globes victory places her as a real rival to that crown.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody will get a ‘Best Picture’ nomination…and could win


Arguably the biggest shock of the night saw Bohemian Rhapsody – that hugely successful but critically mauled Queen biopic – silence the likes of Black PantherBlackkKlansman and If Beale Street Could Talk to win ‘Best Picture – Drama’. Take a moment to comprehend that one.

Whilst it still doesn’t feel right to suggest the Bryan Singer/Dexter Fletcher directed film is the favourite for Oscar success, there seems no doubt that it’s in the running now. Could they be the champions? Really?

It’s worth noting that four out of the last five ‘Best Picture – Drama’ winners went on to win the top Oscar.

3. Green Book is the new favourite


Whilst many expected Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite to come out on top in the ‘Musical or Comedy’ category, Peter Farrelly’s Green Book put pay to that notion.

Now, with three Golden Globes to its name – more than any other this year – Green Book must surely stand as the favourite for Oscar glory. The film’s other awards went to Mahershala Ali in the ‘Supporting Actor’ category and Farrelly, Brian Hayes Currie and Nick Vallelonga for ‘Best Screenplay’.

On top of those wins, Viggo Mortensen remains a challenger for ‘Best Actor’ – in spite of Christian Bale’s win for Vice. Both films are due in the UK this February so keep your eyes peeled.

4. A Star is Born probably won’t feature

A Star is Born

As huge as musicals seemed to be last year, the Golden Globes erred towards ignorance when it came to recognise that success beyond Bohemian Rhapsody – which, apparently, isn’t actually a musical.

A Star is Born won only one award, from five nominations, and that was ‘Best Original Song’ for ‘Shallow’. It remains to be seen as to whether the Bradley Cooper directed film can turn the picture around in March but it’s not looking likely.

There was no love either for Mary Poppins Returns – not that we’ll make a song and dance about the outrage.

5. First Man is back in the conversation…sort of

first man

In spite of the film’s obvious brilliance and in contrary to Damien Chazelle’s awards success of recent years, First Man has completely floundered in the awards conversation this year.

At the Golden Globes, First Man bagged only two nominations, with Ryan Gosling a notable snub for ‘Best Actor’. Pleasingly, however, Justin Hurwitz reversed the film’s ill fortune up to now by winning ‘Best Original Score’.

Could there be a late resurgence for the film? Probably not. But fans should at least be reassured that First Man won’t walk away from 2019 empty handed.

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