Three Identical Strangers | Review


Tim Wardle’s mind-blowing, consistently watchable, documentary lays out the most incredibly twisty true story that I’ve heard in a long time. If it seems, at first, as though audiences will be treated to nothing more than a heart-warming tale of human connection against the odds, the breezy tone soon dissipates as we turn a corner towards something far more sinister. We soon realise that Three Identical Strangers is a ‘more than meets the eye’ allegory of immorality and corruption.

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The Favourite | Review


While The Favourite marks the first time director Yorgos Lanthimos has produced a film from his own pen, usually accompanied by Efthymis Filippou, fans of the Greek auteur’s oeuvre need fear not. Led by a trio of stellar performances, this is a tragicomic triumph every bit as deliriously barmy as the likes of Dogtooth and The Killing of a Sacred Deer. It even features lobsters.

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RBG | Review


Barely five foot tall and almost two decades past the US retirement age, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has, in recent years, somehow added the title of ‘pop culture icon’ to her already impressive, often trailblazing, curriculum vitae. It is this remarkable journey that drives the narrative of Betsy West and Julie Cohen’s inspiring biographical documentary, which explores how a Jewish woman from Boston rose against discrimination to become only the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court. Contrary to Justice Ginsburg’s own reputation, when it comes to titular adoration, this is a film with little by way of dissent.

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12 things films told us to expect in 2019

While it’s by no means uncommon to find films attempting to predict the future, you may be surprised to learn just how many have specifically targeted 2019 with their oracle intent.

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is just one of this collection but, as we’re about to show, is not the only cinematic offering of the last century to suggest that 2019 was going to be a very bleak time for humanity.

If you thought Brexit, another year of Trump, the gradual collapse of the high street and increasing pressures of global warming were bad, this list of 12 things films told us to expect in 2019 might just see you re-evaluate the situation.

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