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Every Disney remake currently in production…

Ever since Alice in Wonderland became a $1bn success for Disney – for pity’s sake, don’t mention Through the Looking Glass – the House of Mouse have set about replicating their animated successes of the past with ‘live-action’ remakes.

Cinderella was a charming delight, The Jungle Book a triumph and Beauty and the Beast a joyful escapade in froth.

When Disney run out of animated classics to remake in the ‘live-action’ format, can viewers expect animated remakes of live-action classics?

That day is, however, a long way off. Here are all the ‘live-action’ remakes coming your way…

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Could *THIS* be the next Greatest Showman?

Talk to the wrong people and they’ll tell you that La La Land saved the musical, reviving the genre from the distant past. Like we said, wrong.

However, with Beauty and the Beast taking $1bn at the international box office and The Greatest Showman newly out on DVD – whilst STILL in cinemas – it’s undeniable that musicals are very much in vogue at the moment.

With film studios clamouring to find the next hit sing-a-long, we’ve rounded up five musicals heading your way before the year’s out. Could one of them be the next Greatest Showman

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OSCARS 2018 | Runners and Riders

On Sunday 4 March, the production crews of nine critically-acclaimed films will find out which of them has bagged cinema’s most prestigious prize: the Academy Award for Best Picture. Ahead of our full Oscar predictions for 2018, here’s our guide to the runners and riders of this year’s race…

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