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Everything you need to know about Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

A hot-shot for this year’s awards-season, Martin McDonagh goes stateside with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, but what’s it all about? Here are the facts…

Spoilers may follow.

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The Greatest Showman | Review


A self-proclaimed ham, Hugh Jackman is more than a match for the real-life Phineas Taylor Barnum when it comes to showbiz stakes. He sings, he dances and he thoroughly steals The Greatest Showman. It is, indeed, largely thanks to Jackman’s bravura central turn, alongside some splendid choreography, that this almost entirely fictitious biopic is just about able to fly.

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Logan | Review


The X-Men franchise is like a box of melted chocolates, you never know what mutation you’re going to get. It is indeed a series that’s provided some serious ups and downs. For every popping candy/caramel barrel combination (Days of Future Past – deliriously good) they’ve pulled out a chocolate blob that’s lost its raisin (Apocalypse – you know, fine but it’s kind of missing the point). Therefore, it’s with an air of caution that one approaches Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last stand as the Wolverine after an impressive seventeen years. Jackman’s been an ever-solid presence since his first appearance in Bryan Singer’s X-Men, but up to now his standalone spin-offs have, frankly, been a bit of let down. Thankfully, Logan finally hits the mark. X marks the spot, if you will…

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