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OSCARS 2018 | Everything you need to know

After months of speculation, debate and online clickbait, Oscar day has finally arrived and here’s the lowdown…

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FIRST LOOK: It’s 50 Shades of Diane Keaton in new Book Club trailer

If American seniors were feeling left out of the British vogue for ‘grey-pound cinema’ about older women entering a new chapter of their life (we’re looking at you, Finding Your Feet), then new comedy: Book Club will be the answer to their prayers.

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OSCARS 2018 | Final Predictions

The end is nigh for this year’s award season! To cap it off, here are our predictions for Sunday’s Oscars…

Due to the nature of release dates and accessibility, we’ve not included Foreign Language FilmDocumentary or the Shorts as we haven’t seen enough to make judgements.

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Monster Family | Review


It wasn’t so long ago that lame, computer-animated family films had the decency to announce themselves by looking every bit as cheap as their committee-written scripts. This is no longer so. Not content with squandering its A-list cast, Monster Family manages to waste too the talents of a superb animation team, asking them to bring life to a graveyard mash-up of other (better) films.

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Game Night | Review


In a third floor office somewhere in L.A. there’s a stack of formula comedy scripts, each one bearing a half-baked title and a handwritten note asking: is Jason Bateman free? From the top of the pile, Game Night is a surprisingly stylish addition to the star’s very marketable oeuvre. If it isn’t the full ticket, the film deserves credit for its experimental bon vive.

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