What’s the deal with High School Musical 4?

The newly teaser trailer for a High School Musical reunion, titled: Once a Wildcat, has sent fans of the Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens-starring original trilogy into meltdown.


Yep, it’s a fake.

The first High School Musical film was released just over a decade ago as a Disney Channel Original Movie. Starring a little known Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the film  was essentially a 21st Century Grease. Efron played Troy, a popular athletic type, with Hudgens as Gabriella, a smart but shy student – to cut a long story short the pair come together after a karaoke duet, overcome obstacles and end up singing the film out with an uplifting conclusion.

The original cast

Back in 2006, the film’s instant popularity saw it become the most successful Disney Channel feature ever, leading to 2007 sequel and a cinema-release finale in 2008.

This new fake trailer is a composite of the other, more recent, work of the original cast and presents something of a lose-lose scenario for both the franchise’s lovers and haters.

The cast did reunite for the anniversary last year

The twist being that there IS a High School Musical 4 in early production (which is where it’s remained for a year and a half now).
The ‘lose’ for HSM lovers is that the commission will see entirely new characters offer up their vocal chords to the East High Wildcats and not the reunion fans so want to see.

As reported by E! in March 2016, Jeffrey Hornaday, (director of Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movieand Teen Beach 2) is to direct and choreograph the new movie, with Peter Barsocchini returning for the script, along with Dan Berendsen (Hannah Montana: The Movie).

As for the haters, the revelation of this fake serves only to remind you that franchise really will go on forever, forever everyone…


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