The Spookometer: What should you watch this Halloween?

You’ve got to watch something scary on the night of Halloween – after you’ve been trick or treating  and apple-bobbing of course – but when it comes to frightening films too often people divide themselves between lovers and haters/yes please and no thank you.

It doesn’t have to be that way though! Halloween films don’t have to wet your trousers to make for a great night and no genre is ever so clear cut as love or hate!

To help you decide what to watch on 31st October, The Film Blog proudly presents…


Below are ten ★★★★★ films, graded from fright-free to scary. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Halloween!

Simply decide what your fear cut off point is on the list and that’ll tell you what film to watch…

The Spookometer-page-001


2 thoughts on “The Spookometer: What should you watch this Halloween?”

  1. At Halloween I tend to have a horror double bill, by watching an old horror classic – say The Thing From Another World or a Universal Monster movie – and something more modern like say The Fog, The Omen, or American Werewolf in London. If I can’t make up my mind I just watch Halloween again 🙂


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