Ultimate Horror Scene: Nominees – Part 1

We’re looking for the ULTIMATE horror film scene and it’s up to you to decide!

Here are the first three nominees in our quest to find your ULTIMATE horror film scene! Each scene has been handpicked by some of Film Twitter’s finest, whilst you can check out the other nominees and vote via the links below…

Spoilers will follow…

The Witch –  Satan speaks

Towards the end of Robert Eggers’ debut feature The Witch, main character Thomasin signs her life over to Satan by writing her name in his ancient book. Satan never appears on screen though, instead his deep, gravelly voice booms through the cinema as Thomasin’s visibly horrified face tells us all we need to know of his terrifying appearance. He tells her to do as he commands while the camera creeps closer and closer towards her, Satan never quite touching the edges of the frame, before we finally cut away to the film’s final sequence. By the time the credits rolled, my hands were so stricken with sweat that I nearly slipped standing up out of my seat. Downright horrifying – I’m not sure I could ever watch it again.


Jurassic Park: The Lost World – Long grass massacre

I’m not a great fan of horror films, and I tend to find jump scares to be more annoying than terrifying. But there is one film from my youth that scared the crap out of me, and that was Lost World: Jurassic Park. To escape a rampaging T-Rex a group of people run into the long grass, and then from overhead, you see the trail of Velociraptors running through the grass as they pick off survivors one by one. I live in Australia, and when I was a kid from that point onwards I would always get hesitant entering the bush or long grass because in the back of my head I wasn’t thinking of snakes, or spiders, or everything else trying to kill you down here, I would be thinking of those bloody velociraptors coming to get me.


Alien – Chest-burster

Not one to be easily frightened as a youngster, I put my courage to the test and watched ‘Alien’. Telling myself ‘it’s all make-up and props’ didn’t prepare me for THAT iconic scene. The scene, of course, is when an alien decides to introduce itself to the crew of the Nostromo by bursting out of John Hurt’s chest, emerging from a fountain of blood and ear-piercings screams from Hurt and the rest of the crew. I jumped up out of my seat, completely unprepared for what I just witnessed. I’ll never forget watching that scene for the first time, and how fast my heart was racing, almost as if I was about to experience something of a similar nature. Luckily, I didn’t meet the same fate, but everytime I watch this scene I always remember how I felt when I first watched it.


Check out the second trio of nominees here, whilst the final four can be found here!

Vote for your ULTIMATE horror scene here!


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