Ultimate Horror Scene: Nominees – Part 2

We’re looking for the ULTIMATE horror film scene and it’s up to you to decide!

Here are the second trio of nominees in our quest to find your ULTIMATE horror film scene! Each scene has been handpicked by some of Film Twitter’s finest, whilst you can check out the other nominees and vote via the links below…

Spoilers will follow…

Full Metal Jacket – Private Pyle’s destruction

It is difficult enough to watch the pulverisation of a young man’s mental state by forces of machismo without it culminating in a scene of bone-chilling suicide. The destruction of Gomer Pyle in the opening half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket haunted me in my teens. Few moments in cinema are as unsettling as seeing Pyle’s transformation from an innocent and seemingly gentle young man into a possessed killer, as he sits in the bathroom donning the Kubrickian bull-like gaze also held by Alex in A Clockwork Orange and Jack in The Shinning. Vivian Kubrick’s piercing tri-tone score underpins a scene that needs no jump scare and no devious supernatural forces – just a man at his breaking point. Pure horror before we have even gone to war.


Ringu – Sadako attacks

I remember watching Ringu (98) in my early teens, it was one my earliest, if not my introduction to J-Horror. The scene in which Ryuji encounters Sadako still haunts me to this day, the metal screeching soundtrack rings in my ears when I think about it. Sadako slowly creeping out of the well, moving ever closer to the screen for what feels like an eternity, then BOOM the phone rings and we’re allowed a moment of solace and escape from the living nightmare. But a moment is all we get, the camera pans back to TV and we see Sadako poke her head through the screen and it all becomes infinity more real, Sadako not only enters their world but ours too.


Tusk – Becoming the Walrus

I’m going to pick a scene from a movie that not many other people liked but is one of my favorites. While the suspenseful creepiness of Psycho and Paranormal Activity are unmatched in my eyes, nothing has scared the hell out of me more than Kevin Smith’s 2014 film Tusk, in which a podcaster named Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) goes to Canada to interview a retired seaman named Howard (Michael Parks) who kidnaps Wallace and turns him into a walrus. Yes, Alfred Hitchcock and Oren Peli have provided better suspense and jump scares, but imagine being sewn into a walrus costume made of flesh by a psychotic old man! For me, it is the quintessential horror film.



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Vote for your ULTIMATE horror scene here!


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