Ultimate Horror Scene: Nominees – Part 3

We’re looking for the ULTIMATE horror film scene and it’s up to you to decide!

Here are the final nominees in our quest to find your ULTIMATE horror film scene! Each scene has been handpicked by some of Film Twitter’s finest, whilst you can check out the other nominees and vote via the links below…

Spoilers will follow…

Halloween – Turning a blind eye

My all-time favorite horror moment features no monsters or ghouls, but rather the apathy of your average human being. Part of the chase scene in the final act of Halloween (1978). The scene begins with the climax of the film. All the tension erupts in a gruesome discovery by Laurie Strode. With Michael Myers in pursuit, she flees the home in search of help. My favorite moment which will always make me cringe and breaks my heart happens when Laurie runs to the neighbors. She is pleading for her very life and a glimmer of hope arises when the porch lights turn on and a resident comes to inspect the situation. Laurie begs for her life with the female resident through a window. However, the woman closes the blinds and turns off the lights in a display of mistrust or apathy. Plunging the young Strode into a sense of hopelessness and renewed fear. The resident willfully ignoring or avoiding the situation along with whatever fate may come to poor Laurie Strode. It is a heart-wrenching scene that snatches every fiber of hope from my heart. Leaving me broken every time, and one I’ll never forget.


Bone Tomahawk – Live disembowelment

In general, horror films don’t really scare me, despite how well crafted they are, because many of them simply try too hard. So I’d say that it’s the gruesome disemboweling scene from Bone Tomahawk that had actually had an impact on me; I was indeed able to keep watching without looking away or anything but it succeeded in making me understandably uneasy and startled – something to be admired in a film, to be sure.

Throughout the film, the illusive cave dwelling troglodytes are built up to be the unpredictable, merciless, inhuman stuff of nightmares and it’s towards the end of the film, in the film’s most infamous moment occurs – when poor Matthew Fox is stripped, scalped, has his scalp hammered into his mouth and is then hung upside down, repeatedly hacked down the middle and ripped in two, entrails flowing like there’s no tomorrow. All while he’s still alive, of course.

It’s a memorably uncompromising, insanely visceral moment that marks the culmination of a film filled with dread and chills. It’s one that you’ll remember.


Ghostbusters – The arm chair

I was five years old when Ghostbusters scared the shit out of me. It was 1989 and busting made me feel good. The cartoon “The Real Ghostbusters” had completely taken over my tiny life. I had every action figure – Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Slimer. I had Ecto 1. I had my own plastic proton pack. I even had a Stay Puft marshmallow cake for my fifth birthday party. Then one fateful day in the video rental store, when picking out a movie for the night, I saw that famous Ghostbusters logo slapped on a VHS box and I pointed and shouted – “Mom, look! They’ve made a movie out of Ghostbusters!” My mother – familiar with the colourful cartoon I watched every Saturday morning – saw that the certificate was “PG”, and thought “this is clearly suitable for my child, why not.” Why not? We all remember Ghostbusters as one of the greatest comedies of all time, and it is. But it’s also very, very scary. Particularly for a child. The one scene that stuck with me the most was Dana Barrett sitting on the couch, talking to her mother on the phone. She hangs up, and notices a glow coming from her kitchen. Something’s not right. Then, deformed gnarled arms burst from the couch and hold her down as she is thrust towards an unknown fate into a terrifying white portal. It was weeks before I sat on a couch again.



mother! – Baby food

mother!, on surface level, may not be the scariest film ever made but it claws its nails into you and refuses to let go, lodging itself in your conscious for days, weeks or (like me) months. Utterly terrifying, mother! digs into the humanity’s dark psyche, our complete ignorance and a debate of science versus religion with twisted glee – but the most terrifying moment of the Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronfronsky project comes just before the credits begin to roll. Its now-infamous final nightmarish sequence, in which a group of ‘His’ followers consume Jennifer Lawrence’s mother’s newborn baby, is utterly terrifying – mostly because it exposes the very, very worst in us. While I’m sure (and hope) few of us consume newborns for banter, its musings on our culture of blindness, infatuation of celebrity fandom and general treatment of women in society depicts something truly, numbingly horrifying, bringing us face-to-face with our undiscussed demons. Oh, and the actual horror of it all – matched with Lawrence’s outstanding, cathartic purge of emotion – makes you feel a bit physically sick too.


In the absence of a clip, here’s mother!’s suitably creepy trailer:


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