5 Early Man Facts that will blow your mind!

After forty years in the industry, Aardman have proved themselves to be wizards of animation. This week, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run bring us their latest treat: Early Man. Featuring the vocal talents of Eddie Redmayne and Maisie Williams, Early Man is both beautiful and statistically mind-boggling.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most incredible facts about the film’s production for you right here…

1. It took 23 modellers 30 months to make the 273 puppets required for the film.


That’s 18 of main character Dug and 8 for each member of his tribe!

2. With each character needing a variety of expressions for speaking, 3000 interchangeable mouths had to be created.


They’ve clearly got a lot to say!

3. The sets were created at the Bristol-based Aardman studio in Aztec West – a complex covering approximately 51000 square feet.


That’s about four Olympic swimming pools!

4. The Art Department produced 60 trees for Dug’s Stone Age forest.


Each took a whole week to make!

5. The production was so massive that, at one point, 40 cameras were in use simultaneously!


5 more than the average Aardman film!

With Early Man in cinemas from 26 January, find out everything you need to know about the film here.


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