Help us find the UK’s best cinemas

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you love a trip to the cinema. So do we! It is the home of film, after all.

This year, The Film Blog will be launching a new guide to all the very best cinemas in the UK and we want your help.

If you have a favourite cinema, we want to know about it.


Perhaps your local cinema has the world’s most comfortable seats, or the friendliest staff? Perhaps it boasts a gorgeous design or superlative central heating?


Whatever it is that makes your favourite cinema the best, we want to know about it!

Let us know what makes your choice the best right here…


2 thoughts on “Help us find the UK’s best cinemas”

  1. I must say I used to love going to the cinema. These days not so much. Mostly it’s down to cost. It has gotten so expensive. I used to go once a week. Now I go only for the films I just HAVE to see ASAP. Also, the ads before the films and I do not mean movie trailers, are far too long. I know people say get there late but you just never wanna risk missing the start of the film. Shame. My only local theatres are Picturehouse, Odeon (the worse offender) and Showcase. The later is actually the best as far as price and ad length goes.


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