VOTE: Which was the best superhero film in 2018?

Superhero fatigue? What superhero fatigue?

As it currently stands, six of the ten highest grossing films of 2018 are superhero blockbusters. With Aquaman still in the early stages of its release, that could soon become seven.


Either way, super-cinema continued to be huge in the past twelve months – and will, almost certainly, be so still in the next. But which of 2018’s offerings was the best?


Did Ant-Man and the Wasp sting you in all the right places? Was Pixar’s Incredibles 2…incredible? Perhaps Infinity War was your endgame, or Deadpool 2 or maybe Black Panther set the benchmark. And that’s not to mention the Teen Titans’ big screen debut and our first dive Into the Spider-Verse.


Here’s your chance to decide…


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