Everything you need to know about The Kid Who Would Be King

Can this youthful reinvention of the King Arthur story undo the woes of Guy Ritchie’s Legend of the Sword? We’ve got the lowdown…

Spoilers to follow.

What’s it about?

Twelve-year-old Alex Elliot’s conviction that he’s just another nobody is challenged when, on fleeing a pair of bullies, he stumbles across a sword wedged into a stone at the heart of a building site. Of course, this isn’t just any sword. It’s Excalibur!

For those not in the know, Excalibur is a magical sword of legend. He or she who pulls this powerful weapon from its stone is destined to bring an end to a country’s hard times as its king or queen.

Before they know it, Alex and friends find themselves drawn into the battle between good – the wizard Merlin – and evil – the witch Morgana, who plots to take over the world. Skeletons and a dragon stand in their way and only Alex can lead them to victory.

Yes, based on the legends of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, British schoolchildren will become heroes in this family-friendly adventure film.


Who’s in it?

Being all about the new generation in plot, it seems apt that the young cast of The Kid Who Would Be King are led by Louis Ashbourne Serkis – son of Andy – and Angus Imrie – son of Celia. Serkis plays Arthur, whilst Imrie casts a spell over audiences as Merlin in disguise.

Among the film’s other child actors are The Dark Tower‘s Tom Taylor and newcomers Rhianna Dorris and Dean Chaumoo.

It’s not all about the kids though and star power and experience are brought to the film by Sir Patrick Stewart, as the true form of Merlin, and The Greatest Showman and Mission Impossible‘s Rebecca Fergusson.

Fresh from Colette, Denise Gough co-stars as Alex’s mother, with parts too for Nick Mohammed and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.


Who’s made it?

Avoiding the trappings of an over-reliance of CGI is director Joe Cornish, co-writer of The Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man. This is Cornish’s second feature film after 2011 sci-fi comedy horror Attack the Block.

Whilst Cornish is also the film’s writer, creative support is provided by producers Nira Park, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner – each of Baby Driver renown.

The film’s visuals have been brought to life by Bill Pope (Baby DriverThe Jungle Book), with music by London-based collective Electric Wave Bureau, whose work includes the Paddington films.


When’s it out?

The once and future king will begin his reign in UK cinemas from 15 February 2019.

 Watch the trailer here:

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