Pixar’s Bo Peep is unrecognisable in new Toy Story 4 teaser

Toy Story 4 may still be six months away but teasers just keep coming from Disney-Pixar. The studio’s latest publicity shot teases the return of a character franchise fans haven’t seen in twenty years.

Yes, Bo Peep is back.

Voiced by Young Sheldon star Annie Potts, Bo Peep was the porcelain shepherdess love interest of Woody in Toy Story and it’s 1999 sequel but was absent in 2010’s trilogy closer Toy Story 3 – having been scrapped by Andy’s matured sister Molly.


The revelation that Bo Peep had been lost to Woody came as a heartbreaking twist to viewers and the cowboy alike. Nine years later, however, she’s making a return and, if this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, she’s doing it in style.

Released today, the world-less clip sees Bo Peep literally burst back onto the scene.

In the new film, Woody and Bo are set to reunite when the gang, now owned by Bonnie, set out on yet another unexpected adventure.

Through her wilderness years, Bo Peep is said to have changed dramatically. That much is clear in her clothing alone. Ditched is the bonnet and hoop skirt, in favour of a more mobile get up.

As for her personality? Only time will tell.

Toy Story 4 arrives in UK cinemas on 21 June. Check out the first teaser trailer here!



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