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The footballers who became film stars

England’s premier footballer of the past fourteen years, Wayne Rooney, is to hang up his cap – but perhaps a new career awaits…

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5 Star Wars characters that must NEVER get spin offs

Cynical as it is to suggest that the frequency with which Disney are announcing new Star Wars spin-offs is the most commercially driven move from the House of Mouse since it was announced that basically every animated film they have ever made would get a live-action adaptation, it would be fair to say that Lucasfilm are milking their multi-billion dollar saga for all it’s worth.

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Poll: Which was the best Summer 2017 blockbuster?

As Summer 2017 comes to a close, here’s your chance to vote for your favourite blockbuster of the season!

Comment your thoughts on this year’s batch below and share the poll when you’ve voted!

N.B. The criteria for inclusion here, to be termed a ‘blockbuster’, was a budget of at least $100m – regardless of Box Office Performance – and a May-August 2017 release.

Seven Days a Cinephile | A Poem


I’m seven days cinephile,

I watch films every day.

On Mondays I choose fantasies,

The work-day get-away.


On Tuesday I watch horror films,

Which never leave me scared.

I’ve seen so many jump-scare flicks,

I think I’m too prepared.


Wednesday’s animation day,

Bursts of creative glee,

And if I see the two-fifteen,

I see them youngster-free!


Thursday is the arthouse pick,

A higher brow endeavour.

God only knows what it’s about,

But gosh it does look clever.


Fridays are for blockbusters,

A more expensive ticket!

So when they say ‘It’s in 3D’,

I tell them where to stick it.


Saturday’s my favourite day,

I catch the the indie stuff.

All crafted on a budget,

By the frugalist film buff.


Last are Senior Sundays,

For shows they serve with tea.

Attendees call films pictures,

Ah, c’est la vie for me!