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Thunder Road | Review


Thunder Road is one for the more patient among us. It is an uncomfortable feature-length account of grief, rage, sorrow, and just about every other adverse emotion conceivable. Based on an award-winning short of the same name, this comedy-drama follows well-intentioned but volatile police officer Jim Arnaud (Jim Cummings) as he struggles to cope in the wake of his beloved mother’s passing. Hostile relations with estranged wife Rosalind (Jocelyn DeBoer) don’t help matters for this moustachioed, ticking timebomb, especially as she’s divorcing him and claiming full custody of his resentful daughter Crystal (Kendal Farr).

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Eighth Grade | Review


If you’re a hungry creative, there’s nothing quite like Bo Burnham’s IMDb page to serve you a good slice of humble pie with a side of incentive. The things this talented polymath has accomplished in his young career would coax out the green-eyed monster in the best of us. The YouTube alum has already run the gamut of entertainment since he burst onto the scene in 2006, impressing audiences with various creations. His wonderfully empathetic debut feature, Sundance favourite Eighth Grade, heralds a quantum leap for Burnham and the dawn of an entirely new era in teen cinema.

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