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Lady Bird | Review


The year is 2002 and the titular character of Lady Bird is a senior year student at a Catholic high school in the suburbs of Sacramento. Thus far, the character is a mirror of Greta Gerwig, for whom the film marks a directorial debut. Though not autobiographical – the director/persona relationship is more spiritual here – it is the personal touch of a life lived that allows Gerwig’s film to shine. Lady Bird is tender, stark and unfailingly honest.

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The Shape of Water | Review


If ever a film could be said to woo it’s The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro’s enchanting, daring, beautiful and breathtaking tale of aquatic love. Delightfully scored and gorgeously designed, this is a package of perfect cinematic harmony and a masterpiece in which no emotion is left unscathed.

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Everything you need to know about The Shape of Water

It’s a fairytale romance like no other. Here’s the story behind Guillermo del Toro’s magical new film…

Spoilers may follow.

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“Predictable and Unenjoyable” | Why Ashleigh won’t be watching the Oscars

Tis award season again. A time for those in the film industry to acknowledge the work of dedicated members of cinema, allowing many of them the chance to one day look back at their nominations or award wins as their greatest achievements. But I ask myself, is that what award season is about? In recent years I have found award season to be less about acknowledging good films, or opening doors to what eventually become greatly overlooked films, and more about the giant popularity contest that is Hollywood.

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Phantom Thread | Review


If this is it, if Phantom Thread marks the final act in the celebrated career of Daniel Day-Lewis, then   what a way to go out on a high. With a triumphantly compelling performance from Day-Lewis up its sleeve – or rather, beneath its hem – this latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson is a sumptuously intimate experience.

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