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5 Star Wars characters that must NEVER get spin offs

Cynical as it is to suggest that the frequency with which Disney are announcing new Star Wars spin-offs is the most commercially driven move from the House of Mouse since it was announced that basically every animated film they have ever made would get a live-action adaptation, it would be fair to say that Lucasfilm are milking their multi-billion dollar saga for all it’s worth.

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Rogue One | Review


Choosing to go backwards feels an unusual step for a franchise with a patchy history of doing so but that’s Star Wars for you. A phenomenon with its own rulebook. How many other series could get away with two comebacks, a strangely dated font (even director Gareth Edwards agrees on that one) and each time expanding and complicating its narrative whilst somehow skewing mainstream? Set as ever ‘a long time ago’, longer than last year’s most recent addition and longer than the originals but not quite as long a time ago as the the prequels (perhaps a ‘somewhat long time ago’?) Rogue One is the second film to come from the Disney reboots in what’s looking like an annual treat for the foreseeable future. If this one’s anything to go by at least, an annual treat it will be.

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