10 Most Marvellous Movie Moustaches!

In honour of the squirrel that has managed to lodge itself under the nose of the great Kenneth Branagh in his new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder of the Orient Express here are ten more marvellous movie moustaches!

1. Dustin Hoffman (Hook)


Look at the handlebars on Hoffman – they even move!

2. Sam Elliott (The Big Lebowski)


Playing The Stranger, there was nothing stranger than Sam Elliott’s masterful moustache in The Big Lebowski. So great was this ‘tache that the Coens even used its ability to disguise the actor’s upper lip in moving lines around in the edit.

3. Daniel Day Lewis (Gangs of New York)


Daniel Day Lewis has rocked some cracking moustaches in his career but this is finest hour.

4. Mel Brooks (Spaceballs)


Because size isn’t everything.

5. Gordon Liu (Kill Bill Vol.2)


We take it back, look at the size of that beauty!

6. Yosemite Sam (Various Looney Tunes)


Sam’s walrus moustache has even been know to sing songs against shaving – true story.

7. Groucho Marx (Duck Soup)

Groucho Mark

Hang on…that’s not facial hair! It’s greasepaint but we love it!

8. Sacha Baron Cohan (Borat)


Banksy swapped a £100,000 graffiti piece to get his hands on Borat’s moustache.

9. Danny DeVito (The Lorax)


He was shortish and oldish and brownish and mossy and he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy…

10. Kurt Russell (Tombstone)


Partner Goldie Hawn hated Russell’s so-called ‘sweeper’ but that didn’t stop him growing another for The Hateful Eight 22 years later.

Who’s missing? Comment below!

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