Oscars 2019 | VOTE: Who WILL win and who SHOULD win Best Picture?

It’s Oscar day in tinsel town and we’re gearing up for our Live Blog. Having let you know who we think will win, we want to know who you think will win.

But, in a fun twist, we also want to know who you actually want to win.

Which film was your favourite? What put you into a bohemian rhapsody? Is there a film you’d call your vice?

In Poll One, name the film you think WILL win Best Picture…

In Poll Two, name the film you think SHOULD win Best Picture…

Happy voting!



3 thoughts on “Oscars 2019 | VOTE: Who WILL win and who SHOULD win Best Picture?”

  1. So pleased I’m in the majority for what should win. I voted for The Favourite, I just feel its different and unique compared to the rest of the nominees this year.


  2. I voted for The Favourite as well. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that the Oscars is a popularity contest that also works as a gatekeeper selecting what merits praise based on some combination of hypocrisy and the appearance of progressiveness. Vice is a disaster, but it criticizes Cheney and Bush, which is very in vogue now. So it gets nominated. Blackkklansman, for example, is a mediocre movie that has little character development in its two leads, villains who are caricatures and an underwhelming narrative with a flat resolution. But the Academy wants to appear progressive, so it gets nominated. Ditto for Green Book, which is better than Blackkklansman but forgettable. Come on, who’s going to remember that movie in 10 years? The Academy also wants to seem more mainstream, so middling movies like Bohemian Rhapsody and Black Panther are given Best Picture nominations. Really? Those were two of the best films of last year? So I’m happy when something like The Favourite that actually tries to be unique, that shows a little bit of what’s been neglected in Hollywood – great storytelling and complex interesting characters – also manages to slip through and get nominated. At least the gatekeeper gets things right some of the time..

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