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Molly’s Game | Review


Launching in the vocabulary of Adam McKay’s The Big Short – before landing somewhere a touch more ordinary – Molly’s Game may not entirely be the visually coherent triumph that Sorkin surely has in him but remains an unfailingly absorbing directorial debut from The Social Network writer. His tremendous cast, led by Jessica Chastain, is a bonus.

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Miss Sloane | Review


From the very first to the final frame, Jessica Chastain sells Miss Sloane – John Madden’s thriller about a lobbyist who takes on the masterminds of Capitol Hill to manipulate the pushing through of strengthened gun restrictions in America. Hers is, with delicious irony, an all guns blazing performance of addictive watchability, which proves essential in holding together the film’s increasingly contrived plot. So good is Chastain here that she very nearly manages to lobby you into an assumption that the film is a political masterpiece. It’s not that, but it is good fun.

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