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Murder on the Orient Express | Review


All of suspects have been rounded up. This is the ultimate whodunit and one of them did it. Yes, one of these A-listers switched the Moonlight and La La Land Oscar cards around back in February and good old Sir Ken’s here to get to the bottom of it. This is Murder on the Hollywood Express 2, the long awaited sequel to Sidney Lumet’s similarly star-studded part one back in 1974. Both are, of course, better known as Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

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Victoria and Abdul | Review


Were Judi Dench not so frustratingly exceptional in her second turn as the Queen of Britain and Empress of India, Victoria and Abdul might have just about gotten away with being a forgettable cinematic oddity. Unfortunately, for the film, Dench remains here impeachable as ever, effortlessly casting all that around her beneath the dustiest of shadows. Unable to come close to the talent it has secured, Victoria and Abdul is a great disappointment; a film with all of the potential but none of the ambition. It’s fine but that’s all.

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