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Everything you need to know about Flatliners

It’s not a remake, it’s a sequel says first-film star Keifer Sutherland. So what can we expect from this not-reboot reboot of the 1990 cult sci-fi…?

Spoilers may follow.

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Alien: Covenant | Review


There are a great number of cruelly self-destructive lines in Alien: Covenant. ‘This is a monumental risk not worth taking’ says one character; ‘How did she end up here’ says another. Whereas Prometheus felt like an unnecessary, but successfully atmospheric, origins story to Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien, the problem with its first sequel is that it adds to the pointlessness only derivation and oddities. The visuals are still impressive, as is Michael Fassbender (the only returner from before) but here is a plot so messy that such a degree of scrutiny is required – to simply fathom what’s going on – that exposed is the plain fact that none of it actually makes any sense.

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