Everything you need to know about Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Elton John and Colin Firth wearing an eye patch – what more do you want?

Spoilers may follow.

What’s it about?

When the Kingsman headquarters are destroyed in London, a world under hostage must rely on Eggsy and the remaining UK agents to save the day.

Their mission leads them to America and the discovery of an allied US spy organisation called Statesman who may just be able to help.

The Kingsman and Statesman organisation share both a day of founding in 1919 and a common enemy in The Golden Circle, run by the criminal mastermind Poppy.


Who’s in it?

Taron Egerton’s career has gone from strength to strength since Kingsman: The Secret Service but he’s back front and centre here as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, the London chav turned top Kingsman agent.

Also back are Colin Firth – who was presumed dead following the last film – Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson and Samantha Womack. Hanna Alström returns too as Eggsy’s lover, and the butt of the last film’s controversial final ‘gag’, Princess Tilde.

Among the fresh recruits joining the mix are Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum and – Game of Thrones actor – Pedro Pascal’s Statesman agents. You decide which one’ll end up being a traitor…

Julianne Moore plays Poppy, with Vinnie Jones as her personal bodyguard and Eggsy’s first-film-rival, second-film-enemy Charlie once again being played by Edward Holcroft.

Intriguingly, an exuberant ensemble cast also finds appearances for Elton John, Michael Gambon and, sister of Cara, Poppy Delevingne.


Who’s made it?

Directed once more by action-man Matthew Vaughn, The Secret Circle is a Marv Films production – the team behind the Kick Ass films, also by Vaughn, and last year’s Eddie the Eagle, which too starred Egerton.

Frequent collaborator of his, Jane Goldman shares writing credits with Vaughn. Having already been mentioned in thefilm.blog’s recent preview for The Limehouse Golem, Goldman remains a high profile name in the writing world. Here, the pair are once and working from the original conceit of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comic book ‘The Secret Service’.

Vaughn is a director who comes with a preferred crew in tow. Eddie Hamilton is, therefore, back to edit and George Richmond returns on cinematography. Hamilton is also currently working on next year’s sixth Mission Impossible film, with Richmond tackling the Tomb Raider reboot.

Expect most of Vaughn’s team to return for the, already announced, threequel.


When’s it out?

We’re getting the film on September 20 in the UK, with international territories gaining release in the following weeks.

Watch the trailer here:


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