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Paddington 2 | Review


What a joy it is to be alive and live to see another exceptional cinematic outing for Paddington Bear. Painted in pastel bright colouring, and overflowing with the heartfelt charm of its predecessor, Paddington 2 is a pure delight. Here are boundless layers of family fun, each one lavishly spread with the finest homemade marmalade.

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Cut and paste casting: replacing Kevin Spacey

Just one in the latest batch of names in the entertainment industry to be felled by their hitherto unknown depravities is the two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. Horrific that it is to find an actor you’ve admired has ruined the lives of others – and, to a much lesser extent, tainted the memory of some terrific films – it is best to leave analysis to the opinion columns in such matters.

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