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The super style of off-duty superheroes

When they don their superhero costume to fight the evils of the world, they inspire awe. With body-hugging latex and classic iconography, a good superhero costume can make all the difference.

Spending days vanquishing evil sounds exhausting but there’s no pyjama days or comfy old trousers for these characters.

Here, Laura-Jane Todd showcases the best-dressed superheroes when they are out of costume…

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Justice League | Review


The journey to Justice League has been a gruelling one. Those who complained that Batman v Superman required bums of steal to experience from start to finish, know nothing of endurance the film has had to muster, having first entered production back in 2007. A decade of ‘development Gotham City’ plus one mixed bag of preluding offerings later, and the final product…isn’t bad. No, it’s not great – far too messy, a tad soulless – but it has got plenty of promise. There’s a start.

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